OTB website and OTB search through the OpenBazaar app are in alpha. Web sign-ups currently disabled. To add OnTheBlockchain as a search provider on the OpenBazaar app: https://openbazaar.ontheblockchain.com/ob2search/listings

What is OnTheBlockchain.com?

The purpose of OnTheBlockchain is to tackle what I consider to be the greatest unsolved problem of the cypherpunks: the construction of a web-of-trust (WoT)-based pseudonymous reputation system (PRS).

What is OpenBazaar?

Openbazaar is the world's premier decentralized, peer-to-peer online marketplace. Think of it like eBay or Amazon meets Bitcoin. For more information, go to their website: www.openbazaar.org.

What is OpenBazaar.OnTheBlockchain.com?

One of the greatest unsolved problems on OpenBazaar is that there is not yet any good way for buyers to know which vendors or moderators can be trusted, or for vendors or moderators to establish trust. That is the problem OnTheBlockchain aims to solve.

OpenBazaar.OnTheBlockchain.com will be similar to other third party OpenBazaar search engines, such as Blockbooth.com, BazaarDog, Rawflood.com (offline), or Mubiz.com. The difference is that OB.OTB.com will construct and make use of its pseudonymous reputation system to filter and stratify listings, vendors, and moderators. In addition, reputational data will be stored in the interplanetary file system (ipfs), and OB.OTB.com users will have the option of linking their OTB profiles to decentralized distributed identities (currently keybase and/or blockstack ID), so that reputation generated here will be portable to other still yet to be developed distributed/decentralized networks. Almost any kind of social network (facebook, twitter, linkedIn, etc) will eventually be redesigned using pseudonymous identities, and as such will need to have a well functioning pseudonymous reputation system. A bulletin board (something like Reddit.OnTheBlockchain.com) may be what I build after OB.OTB.com is functioning, although that is yet to be determined. Ultimately, the PRS will be a powerful tool to address a variety of problems, from filtering out fake news to vetting political refugees to building new systems of decentralized governance, i.e. "rules without rulers."

What is the status of development of OnTheBlockchain?

As of January 2018, OnTheBlockchain is still in the alpha stage of development. OB listings can be viewed on this website and can also be viewed in the OpenBaaar client (add OpenBazaar.OnTheBlockchain.com/index.php/search to the list of search providers on the OpenBazaar app search page.) However, it is still too unstable for me to be advertising it or opening it up for new user registration. I participate in the OpenBazaar slack as drdave but am otherwise effectively in stealth mode for now.

If you'd like to help: My next major undertaking will be the application of existing technologies including the ipfs, distributed identity systems (like keybase or blockstack), zero knowledge proofs, and smart contracts to web of trust based pseudonymous reputation systems. If these ideas sound exciting to you, get in touch! Contact me on slack (drdave) or send an email to admin at ontheblockchain dot com.

Where can I learn more?

See my blog at davidstrayhorn.com (where many posts are still works in progress).

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